21st Century Textiles

The Mermaid Project


A collection of art about body Image/ modification and what we do for Love, by Yulia Badian (UK) Rosi Karl-Schreiner (Austria) and Linda Ezerman (Holland)

The project was born over a glass of wine and with much laughter at the props required to turn a pretty little mermaid into a middle-aged woman. And what middle-aged women do to keep up appearances. We all resonate with the lure of the quick fix the sweet banter of the witch. Luring us with our insecurities promising to fulfill our desire for love with her lotions and potions, shaving, lifting, filling, tucking our flesh as short cuts to a happier life.

Yulia, Rosi and Linda use Felt to address all these themes via the metaphor of the little Mermaid. A shape-shifting figure for our own times, a tragic heroine who seeks to transform her appearance in order to get what (she thinks) she wants, and in the process destroys her own beauty and ultimately herself.

The resulting pieces are carefully and lovingly crafted using a large variety of felting techniques. Beautiful, thoughtful, quirky and provocative they are impossible textiles at their finest.